Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The 4 Most Common Causes of Thyroid Problems

It is always essential to deal with our system to avoid any kind of issues or condition from occurring. But to really avoid illnesses from occurring, it is also essential to know what causes these illnesses in order for us to properly proper take proper our system. Without knowing the cause, it will be hard for us to comprehend how these issues start and how we can best avoid them.

One of the most difficult health circumstances to identify and comprehend are thyrois issues. This is because hypothyroid circumstances and illnesses have the actual causes and symptoms. Some condition even causes some of the hypothyroid circumstances that people experience. Physicians have yet to really determine the main cause of these circumstances, but there are several factors that cause them. We'll be talking about the five (5) most typical causes for thyrois issues.

1. Iodine Lack of - The most typical cause that is associated with hypothyroid illnesses is iodine deficiency. This is because iodine performs an essential part in the of hypothyroid testosterone. A lack or excess of iodine in our bodies may cause issues with the hypothyroid.

2. Auto-immune Disease - Another typical cause of thyrois issues are autoimmune condition. This is a condition wherein our antibodies attack the hypothyroid. This causes the hypothyroid to either generate more hypothyroid testosterone or less of it. Hashimoto's Disease and Graves' Disease are the autoimmune condition that causes thyrois issues.

3. Drugs - There are several medicines that have negative effect in our hypothyroid glands. Some treatment causes the glandular to generate more testosterone, while other causes it to completely stop generating testosterone.

4. Maternity (for women) - Maternity is another typical cause of thyrois issues. The hormonal agent produced by our bodies during the different levels of being pregnant can cause several thyrois issues.

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